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Orange Family Dentistry
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Dental Services

Our office is able to provide treatment for the following dental needs.

  1. Periodontal Care - for the treatment of gum disease
  2. Restorative Care - for the treatment of decay with fillings, inlays, onlays, or crowns.
  3. Pediatric Dentistry - because of our emphasis on the prevention of dental problems, we recommend childrens first visit at three years old.
  4. Oral Surgery - Extractions/tooth removal
  5. Endodontics - for teeth needing root canals.
  6. Fixed Bridgework - to replace missing teeth.
  7. Implants - to replace missing teeth.
  8. Partial Dentures - to replace missing teeth.
  9. Complete Dentures - to replace older existing dentures.
  10. Immediate Complete Dentures - to help patients who are transitioning from natural teeth (in disrepair) to dentures.
  11. Cosmetic Dentistry - for those patients who desire a great smile as well as function.  This may involve veneers, crowns, or bleaching for the natural teeth or fixed bridgework, partials, dentures, and implants if natural teeth are missing.  It is our desire for all of our patients to have a smile that changes their lives.
  12. Neuromuscular and Reconstructive Dentistry - treatment of orofacial pain, TMD (joint) pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines, muscle spasm and pain, sensitive teeth, and bite problems.  Function and long term stability are emphasized as well as cosmetics.  Many patients that are candidates for neuromuscular dentistry present with no symptoms or symptoms they may not relate to their bite and some only present with signs that the teeth are breaking down (such as wear facets or cracks).

Our level of care and quality of service is not limited to these areas and may also include nutritional counseling, home care instructions, patient education about treatment options, and consultation with family physicians, neurologists, ent physicians, chiropractors, as well as other dental specialists.

Dr. White may refer patients to a dental specialist if it is needed.  Oral surgeons are utilized for impacted wisdom teeth , complicated extractions, and implant placement.  Periodontists (gum specialist) are often utilized for more serious periodontal (gum) disease, placement of implants, as well as complex cosmetic gum surgery.  An orthodontist may be needed if braces or appliances are used to move the teeth to a more desirable position.